Metal lathe machines


Metal lathe machine

Article Code
DIGITO ML 350 8356121
Bits distance (mm) 350
Lathe maximum diameter (mm) 180
Bar passage maximum (mm) 20
Trasversal stroke (mm) 65
Vertical stroke (mm) 35
Counter bit connection MT2
Technical features
  • Electronic speed regulation by digital display 50-2500 RPM

    Reversing rotation of the chuck

    Safety protection with microswitch

    Bit and counter bit carriage release movement

    Emergency switch START/STOP

    Bits distance: 350 mm

    Lathe maximum diameter: 180 mm

    Bar passage maximum diameter: 20 mm 

    Transversal stroke: max 65 mm

    Vertical stroke: max 35 mm

    Chuck connection: MT3

    Counter bit connection: MT2

    Chuck diameter: 100 mm

Standard equipment
  • 2 counter bits

    3 clamps

    Spare gears


    Pipette for lubricating oil