Quality policy

Femi S.p.A. aims to offer the sector a vast and always innovative range of machines for professional cutting of wood, metals ..

Facing and winning the challenges of an increasingly demanding market by focusing on quality, technological and product innovation, continuous research and creativity.

All this to always guarantee all our customers the best of our quality and our style.

Research and development, together with the production phase, are the daily routine of our work that engages us every day with the aim of designing and producing a range of products characterized by:

• flexibility of use,

• simplicity,

• reliability and

• safety


Our goals are:

• constant commitment to the exclusive use of the most modern and innovative components and technologies to ensure the best performance in terms of quality;

• continuous effort in technological updating, in constant and effective collaboration with the best manufacturers of components and technologies in the sector;

• development of new and modern samples and prototypes, stimulation of creativity, scrupulous attention to the market, to the evolution of taste and the needs of the end user;

• strict quality control throughout the entire production cycle: quality in the assembly processes and quality control of the finished and tested item;

• control of subcontractors with the same logic applied internally.

Femi S.p.A. is committed to meeting the customer's requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System.

The Management, as part of the Quality System, defines and reviews its quality objectives in compliance with the aforementioned commitments.

This Policy is made known to all collaborators through posting in the company areas and publication on the website.

Castel Guelfo (BO) on 01/01/2017

The General Management