Wood circular mitresaws

TR 230

Mitre saw

Max 150xH70 mm
Article Code
TR 230 8426137
Cutting capacity
0° mm 150x70 mm
45° sx-dx mm 110xH70 mm
inclinato 45° mm 150xH40 mm
Max cut (mm) 150xH70
Weight (Kg) 16
Packaging (mm) 530x580x400
Blade diameter (mm) 254 mm
Motor Universal
Upper cut height (mm) 38
Technical features
  • Powerful universal motor 1600 Watt

    Aluminium upper work table

    Safety switch

    Easy to carry: only 13,2 Kg

    Turning table with 22.5°-30°-45° angles adjustment

    Sliding piece side support

    Upper table straightedge with rapid fixing system

Standard equipment
  • Vertical clamp

    Base side extensions