Stationary Bandsaws


Bandsaw with side sliding vice - Threephase- Automatic Down Feed.

Max 245xH148-253xH70 mm
Article Code
N257 DADG 8488056
Cutting capacity
245xH148-253xH70 mm mm 225 mm mm 180x180 mm mm
45° sx 90xH180 mm mm 140 mm mm 120x120 mm mm
45° dx 132xH180 mm 148 mm mm 140x140 mm mm
60° 85xH115 mm mm 90 mm mm 90x90 mm mm
Arm downfeed Automatic with hydraulic control system
Blade development (mm) 2480x27x0,9
Motor power (watt) 750/1100
Electrical supply (Volt-Hz) 400 - 50
Weight (Kg) 235
Blade speed (mt/min) 45/90
2 speeds
Toothing Z/1" 6/10
Packaging (mm) 1385x580x890
Technical features
  • Powerful three-phase 2 speed induction motor, oil lubricated motor gearbox.

    Arm, vice and swivel group in cast iron.

    Steel sliding blade guide with ball bearings.

    Side sliding vice with quick clamping device.

    Lubrication pump with aluminium body.

    Large knob for an easy blade tension.

    Pressure gauge indicating blade tension level (600-1000 kg/cm2)

Standard equipment
  • Column in assembly kit.

    Tank for lubrication oil.

    Lubricartion pump.

    Bar stop rod for mass-produced cuts.

    Service keys.

    Blade cleaning brush.

    Hydraulic cylinder with flow regulation.