Stationary Bandsaws

ABS 1750XL

Bandsaw with column - Independent Down Feed

Max 160 mm
Article Code
ABS 1750XL 8486091
Cutting capacity
160x140 mm 155 mm 150x150 mm
45° 100x120 mm 110 mm 100x100 mm
Arm downfeed Automatic
Blade development (mm) 1735
Motor power (watt) 2000
Electrical supply (Volt-Hz) 230 - 50
Weight (Kg) 75
Blade speed (mt/min) 35÷80
Digital electronic speed regulator
Constant Speed
Toothing Z/1" 8/12
Packaging (mm) 780x1240x1080
Technical features
  • Push-Click System with mechanical selector and automatic cut-off switches

  • Integrated lubrificating system, easy to adjuste for cutting pieces of differente sizes
  • Sliding rolls for supporting in-ad out-going wordpieces
  • Safety emergency button to stop cutting
  • Blade tensioning dvice cluch to achierve the proper blade tension (PATENTED)
  • Energy saving 100% motor efficiency is granted by exclusive ABS System

Standard equipment
  • Column in assembly kit

  • Removable Tank for lubricating oil
  • Lubricating pump
  • Bar stop-rod for mass-produced cuts
  • Sliding rolls for supporting both in- and out-going workpiece