Portable Bandsaws

NG120 XL

Portable bandsaw - Patented  «NG SYSTEM»

Max 120 mm
Article Code
NG120 XL 8485022
Cutting capacity
120x102 mm 120 mm 112x112 mm
45° 78x78 mm 80 mm 78x78 mm
60° 50x43 mm 50 mm 48x48 mm
Arm downfeed Manual
Blade development (mm) 1440x13x0,65
Motor power (watt) 1300
Electrical supply (Volt-Hz) 230 - 50
Weight (Kg) 18
Blade speed (mt/min) 35÷80
Digital electronic speed regulator
Constant Speed
Toothing Z/1" 14
Packaging (mm) 900x400x520
Technical features
  • Up to 60% faster cutting compared to the traditional bandsaw thanks to the opposite rotation direction of the bandsaw blade (“NG SYSTEM”)

  • Innovative blade tensioning device with clutch to check and adjust the proper tension of the blade (patented)
  • Adjustable left cutting angle from 0° to 60°with quick block at 45° and 60°
  • Powerful 1300 W single-phase motor equipped with digital electronic speed regulator “Constant Speed” with amperometric limiting device
  • Double front and rear sliding saw blade guides

Standard equipment
  • Adjustable bar stop-rod for mass-produced cuts (L= 500 mm)

  • Tools for changing blade
  • Filter-circuit for electromagnetic interference damping according to rules
  • in force