Wood and Alu Mitresaws

911 EVO

Mitresaw with upper table

Max 165x100 mm
Article Code
911 EVO 8436047
Cutting capacity
0° mm 165x100 mm
45° sx - dx mm 105x100 mm
inclinato 45° mm 165x65 mm
composto 45°+45° mm 45x70 mm
Max cut (mm) 165x100
Motor power (watt) 1600
Weight (Kg) 22,5
Packaging (mm) 640X640X510
Blade diameter (mm) 305
Motor Induction
Upper cut height (mm) 55
RPM 2850
Technical features
  • Large upper working table (305x503 mm) with micrometric height adjustment

  • Aluminium section upper table straightedge adjustable in two positions and with dual front and rear fixing system
  • Silent and more powerful 1600 Watt induction motor with thermal protection
  • Silent and reliable “POLY-V” belt transmission
  • Base with integrated release lever protection.

Standard equipment
  • Chromed blade with Widia inserts

  • Additional sliding pieces support
  • Adjustable bar stop-rod for mass-produced cuts
  • Supplementary protection and wood pusher and key set
  • Vertical clamp