Wheels, brushes and sanding belts
Wheels, brushes and sanding belts


Grinding wheel Ø 175 mm

Article Code
3229936 3229936
Weight (Kg) 0,8
Package (pieces) 1
Grinding wheel diameter (mm) 175
Grinding wheel dimension (mm) 175x20x16
Belt dimension (mm) _
Brush dimension (mm) _
Grinding wheel grain (mm) 36
Technical features
  • Grinding wheels either made of gray corundum (carborundum) and ceramics binder (bench grinders) or of high quality white corundum and glazed ceramics binder (sharpening machines)

  • Grinding wheels available in different grits: the higher the number the finer the grit (suitable for deburring and nishing), whereas the lower the number the rougher the grit (suitable for grinding and roughing-out).

Standard equipment
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