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Metal cutting line

  • Industrial band saws
    • N310 DADG
      Automatic down feed, cut right and left
    • N266DA XL
      Automatic down feed with hydraulic control
    • N266 XL
      Manual, three phase, with quick locking vice
    • N251DAXL
      Three-phase motor, cast iron complete structure
    • N250DAXL
      Single-phase induction motor, cast iron full structure
    • N216 XL
      Manual, three phase with two speed induction motor
    • 2200DAXL
      Automatic down feed with quick locking vice
    • 2200 XL
      Manual, single-phase with electronic speed regulator
    • 1750XL
      Powerful 2000 Watt motor, blade H 19 mm