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New planer-thicknesser 640 Cyclone »»»»

Femi has expanded its range of planes thicknessers with the introduction of 640 Cyclone the only planer on the market with INTEGRATED suction system !!!!!

This plane, which has the same working dimensions of 640 but a more powerful engine of 1500 watts, has the unique characteristic of dust collector built.
From today through Cyclone 640 is no longer necessary to couple the plane with a separeted vacuum cleaner !!

640 Cyclone vacuum cleans the dusts through the security protection (which also acts as a conveyor) and through a flexible pipe collects it in a bag linked directly to the machine.

With this new product Femi confirms its attention to the comfort of its end users customers and to the quality of the environments where they work, ensuring convenience and cleanliness in a small space.